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The Ulys touch

There are a vast number of French firms with partners in Brussels.

Equally there are many Belgium firms that have representatives in Paris.

Ulys however is different: a genuine Franco-Belgian organization from the onset, Ulys has Franco-Belgian business written in its DNA.

Businesses working in both countries know that the French and Belgian systems are similar but not identical. This proximity brings both pros and cons which must be taken into account: what is needed is someone who is equally competent in both legal systems, rather than having to send documents from Belgian lawyers to their Parisian counterparts.

Thanks to Ulys, Franco-Belgian businesses have a single point of contact for both countries, in advice but also in litigation.

Recent interventions

A French e-money company wanted to expand to Brussels and obtain a prior license granted by the local prudential authority. One of Ulys’s partners with several such licenses to his name in France and Belgium, took on the case and brought it to a successful completion.

A media group active in both France and Belgium called upon Ulys for representation in litigation relating to its francophone websites. The same Ulys lawyer pleaded in Paris, Nanterre and Brussels, taking full control of the litigation. He saved the client time, money and ensured the procedure was carried out in a perfectly coordinated manner.

An English service provider who operated in Denmark but has a establishment in France and had French shareholders, wanted to set up a single data centre. For legal reasons Belgium was chosen. Throughout the case the client had one legal representative, an expert in Belgian law who was able to take into account the intricacies of the French legal system.

Our experts

Etienne Wery

Attorney at law at Brussels Bar (Partner)

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Pascal Reynaud

Avocat (Collaborateur)

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logo de Ulys en bleu Is a French-Belgian law firm, devoted to the law of creation and innovation.
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