E-commerce, Competition


Building a site and launching a project of e-business cannot be done without taking into account legal and regulatory constraints (notably right to privacy, consumer protection, financial regulations etc).

Ulys is chosen by a number of business projects which are particularly innovative in offering services via internet and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc) for both professionals and consumers.

Ulys also frequently audits the sites or the activity to ensure that they conform to applicable laws.

Commercial contracts and documents

A business needs reliable contractual documents in order to ensure legal security for the stakeholders, the partners and the clients. It includes terms and conditions, disclaimers, contract with the partners and the suppliers, etc. One must also take into consideration specific regulations such as cookies, data protection, etc.

This is daily practice for Ulys.

Marketing and competition

Faced with fierce opposition, innovative businesses must protect, even defend themselves, against competitors or controlling authority (supervisors) accusing them of violating the rules of competition (abuse of power, antitrust, etc.) or those of fairness in business (illegal advertising, unfair terms, violation of trade secrets, parasitism etc.)

Ulys offers effective help implemented by recognized and experienced lawyers, who are also university lecturers.

Some recent interventions

A virtual pharmaceutical company took offence at a press campaign defaming the sale of drugs on the internet. Ulys intervened, requesting an injunction before a commercial court

Ulys has represented a major telecommunications operator accused of violating competition law, and notably took in charge the financial consequences of the alleged violation and its admissibility under the regime of liability and torts.

A business developed a social network site, in the field of health-care. From the onset of the business Ulys ensured legal compliance for the project and managed its relations with the authorities.

Our experts

Etienne Wery

Attorney at law at Brussels and Paris Bars (Partner)

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Camille Bourguignon

Avocat au Barreau de Paris (Collaboratrice)

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Hervé Jacquemin

Avocat au Barreau de Bruxelles (Collaborateur)

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Maud Cock

Avocat au Barreau de Bruxelles (Collaboratrice)

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Pascal Reynaud

Avocat au Barreau de Strasbourg (Collaborateur externe)

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